This is a list of umbrella companies we are currently engaged with.  This is not a recommended list or PSL – the list is umbrella companies that MediTeam are currently engaged with.

We make no representations as to the tax compliance, quality of service of these umbrellas or the models they operate. We will not accept any responsibility or liability should a candidate experience problems with them.

Candidates may select any of these umbrellas at their own risk, and we highly recommend that the candidate carry out their own due diligence prior to selection. We further recommend that a candidate takes professional accounting or taxation advice around their choice of umbrella.

When using an umbrella it is your responsibility to ensure your tax affairs are being dealt with correctly. We encourage you to be vigilant when looking at alternative umbrellas. Please see the latest communication from HMRC.

We advise you to explore the different payment methods available to ensure you are making the correct decision.